When you get here, you will meet with our front desk attendant, Ms. Aliyah. Make sure you give her your complete name, time of interview and the company you are interviewing for. (“Three S&R Consulting”). We share our lobby space with other offices and industries as well and we want to make sure that we make your wait as smooth as possible.

You will be handed out our preliminary interview form which will have some basic information about your past experience, interests and availabilities. Make sure to hand Aliyah a hard copy of your resume. Both of these are handed to our hiring manager prior to the interview.

We will have other individuals for different roles, so let’s make sure we create the best impression and dress to impress!


To start, you will either meet with our hiring manager or assistant manager. This will be to simply put a face to the online application. We will ask you some qualifying questions as well as getting to know you and your goals a little bit more! This is where we test your transferable skills more than just the direct ones and how it can reflect to what we are looking for in the specific position.

As we finish asking you our qualifying questions, based on the day and amount of applicants, we make a decision on our take on of inviting you to a second round or evaluating with our business partners and giving you a call back with the answer.


Our secondary interview consists on grading three key areas: your work ethic, student mentality and attitude. This is where the interaction with both the interviewee and interviewer begins while representing the client. Here, we break down our stages and the business plan more in depth as well as relating our pay structure, hours and progression opportunity. We mainly go over our history, mission and what are our future goals and expansion development on behalf of our client. This is where you get to see a day of your life at Three S&R Consulting. Get ready to take a lot of notes as it will be a day full of information, interaction and tasks. If you are someone that wants to progress thru our management level then the goal should be to impress. It’s always good to have more than less as we get a lot of applicants at a daily basis and few selected individuals for the final position!


If you got to the final round interview it means that you have impressed and it’s more likely to be a positive recommendation. We hand you a questionnaire which is going to be about the basic elements that where gone over throughout the day as well as your feedback of your day and interview process. The final round interview takes between 15-20 minutes counting the start of the questionnaire to the final answer.

Our hiring manager asks you some final questions along with the recommendation and make a final decision right there, regardless of the answer.