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Three S&R Consulting Announces Attendance at International Conference

Entrepreneurs in the world of marketing, advertising, and consulting understand all too well how networking and sharing information impacts outcomes. These bonds ultimately help produce better relationships with clients, vendors, and potential future employees and employers. The opportunity to accomplish all of these factors simultaneously is an irresistible opportunity for professionals. The CEO of Three S&R Consulting, Sonali Nandwani, recently announced that her company was invited to attend a prestigious industry conference and awards ceremony in South Africa.

Held in Johannesburg, South Africa, this exclusive industry conference will feature the best and brightest entrepreneurs and leaders from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, according to Sonali Nandwani. “We are humbled to be given an invitation to this exclusive gathering of visionaries and successful entrepreneurs, and look forward to maximizing the opportunity while in attendance”, she was quoted as saying.

The conference will feature two days of non-stop learning opportunities, seminars, and workshops designed to help those in the fields of marketing, advertising and business further hone their skills in preparation for continued success. A wide variety of speakers with impeccable credentials will be on-hand to entertain the attendees and provide ample insight into the most exclusive of marketing practices. Three S&R Consulting will likewise be sending its top employees to attend and improve their knowledge bases in pursuit of better results for the company at-large.

CEO Sonali Nandwani explained that while business will be front and center at this year’s Johannesburg conference, guests will also be able to unwind, relax and network with like-minded professionals both inside and outside of the arena, noting that “environments such as these are truly one of the best places in which to learn new concepts, hear about emerging trends and make valuable acquaintances”. She has high hopes for Three S&R Consulting’s delegation with respect to reaping these benefits while in Johannesburg.

For those in attendance, a gala awards event will be held following the conclusion of the conference, where the most prestigious and accomplished industry leaders will be recognized for their service, innovation, and organizational growth. With entrepreneurs, managers, and CEOs from around the world being recognized for their hard work, this will truly and literally be a world-class affair. Three S&R Consulting is elated at the opportunity to be in attendance and recognized at this year’s conference, with its delegation of top performers exemplifying the virtues of professionalism and performance.