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Three S&R Consulting Discusses the Growing Pains of Business

Every business ultimately reaches inflection points where its growth requires ample investment and expansion. The best entrepreneurs know that these situations can be difficult but are nevertheless necessary in order to truly achieve the potential of a brand or business. From entrepreneurs hiring their first employees to large companies expanding operations to new countries, taking the right steps at the right time is crucial in seizing the maximum opportunity available. Sonali Nandwani, CEO of Three S&R Consulting, recently joined would-be marketing entrepreneurs to discuss how the growing pains of business can be overcome.

Arguably one of the most difficult aspects of growing a business is enlisting the services of new employees. In many cases, it can be a huge financial risk for small brands and solo entrepreneurs to take the first steps in hiring new talent. Sonali Nandwani outlined her experience in hiring new talent by stating that “taking the risk to hire somebody can often make the difference between expansion and insolvency under certain situations”. Entrepreneurs who make the wrong decisions can miss out on vital growth, or squander potential profitability by burdening the business with excessive payroll obligations.

Sonali Nandwani explained that she was fortunate enough to recently promote her first employee to senior level management at Three S&R Consulting. Courtney Jachim, a 22-year-old with a Fashion Merchandising degree from FIT, “has big goals that are centered around providing financial freedom for her family” and “expanding her horizons”, according to Sonali Nandwani. This is a critical point for Three S&R Consulting, as such hiring moves are emblematic of a rapidly-expanding business that is making all of the right decisions.

Entrepreneurs who have yet to generate the capital necessary to hire additional management – or employees of any type, for that matter – should be cognizant of the realities and ramifications associated with business expansion. A thorough talent search is crucial in generating the best possible outcomes, as is being realistic about what is feasible in terms of salaries, benefits, and obligations. Businesses that overextend more often than not tend to fail, so it is paramount that entrepreneurs do not make personnel moves before a reasonably large chance for success exists.

Ensuring that its clients are probably advised and guided is the primary objective of Three S&R Consulting. For fledgling entrepreneurs and large corporations alike, the company will continue to supply premium service and guidance to clients that seek the very best outcomes in their respective industries.