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Three S&R Consulting Plans for Rising Star Conference in New Orleans

Building the right strategy for any ambitious new entrepreneurial project requires a variety of assets. Arguably one of the most important – and most overlooked – assets in developing a successful endeavor is the relationships forged within industry circles. These relationships can help produce powerful connections that deliver tips, talent, and ideas even in the most difficult of times. Three S&R Consulting’s CEO Sonali Nandwani recently announced her business has been invited to a Rising Star Event in New Orleans, where many other industry leaders seeking advice and input will also be attending.

The Rising Star Conference is billed as an international event designed to attract the very best leaders from the world of marketing, advertising, and beyond. Sonali Nandwani remarked that “it is an honor to have Three S&R Consulting invited to collaborate and network at this prestigious event, and we seek to make the most of the experience”. The company’s delegation to the conference will include its top two accounting managers, both of whom have delivered remarkable results and provided outstanding service to the successful company.

The conference itself will occur over a period of two days and feature a seemingly endless parade of speeches from the very best and brightest in these industries. While the knowledge and insider tips shared at the conference will undoubtedly prove invaluable, the conference’s attendees are set to also enjoy themselves during the stay. Some of the activities at the conference include cocktail hour sessions and creative and adventurous team-building exercises. The relaxed setting and innovative formats for learning will certainly prove to be a productive experience for the selected attendees from Three S&R Consulting.

Sonali Nandwani stated that “these types of events provide a unique setting in which to learn and share information, which isn’t always available in the world of business”. All too often, rivals and competitors are unwilling to collaborate and share, but at events such as the Rising Star Conference, the guards can be let down and discussions can occur.

Networking with fellow industry leaders is a golden opportunity for those in the world of marketing and advertising to learn new tactics, discuss experiences, and build relationships that may prove valuable later. Three S&R Consulting appreciates the opportunity to attend events like the Rising Star Conference and looks forward to providing its clients with the culmination of advice gathered at events such as these, as well as from years of experience in maximizing the potential of its clients.